Gratefully Located on the

Unceded Territory

of the Tsimshian First Nation

Four Harbours:

Three in Prince Rupert

One in Port Edward

Serving 1800 to 2300

Vessels Annually

About the Port Edward

Harbour Authority


The Port Edward Harbour Authority (PEHA) acknowledges and recognizes the traditional unceded lands of the Tsimshian First Nation who called this area home for millennia.

Port Edward Harbour Authority is the name under which four separate core fishing harbours operate: The Porpoise Harbour Marina Complex (Port Edward), Rushbrook Harbour, Cowbay Harbour and Fairview Harbour (Prince Rupert). PEHA offers a total of 5031.6 metres of moorage. Utilization can range from 1800 to 2300 vessels annually.

Incorporated in February 1996 as a not-for-profit, PEHA leases facilities from Small Craft Harbours, a branch of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, with the mandate to operate and maintain the facilities as commercial fishing harbours.

PEHA is an integral part of north coast life serving important economic, historic, and social roles in the community. BC’s North Coast has the most valuable fisheries in the province bringing in much of the catch in British Columbia. 

Geographically significant, PEHA is the water gateway for 22 First Nations’ villages to the coastal resources and access for inland resources. These harbours are the Marine Highway for 5 Coastal First Nation Villages (Git’aala, Ginglox, Gitgaat, Laxkw’alaams, and Metlakatla) as well as 5 Coastal Non-First Nation Communities (Oona River, Dodge Cove, Crippen Cove, Humpback Bay, and Hunts Inlet). 

PEHA is committed to strategic development, collaborating with all users to improve the facilities to best serve the needs in the North. The Harbour Authority is dedicated to the success of our fishers and manages our harbours with integrity, efficiency, and ingenuity to maximize the potential of our facilities for today and the future.


The Port Edward Harbour Authority is dedicated to the preservation, development and management of our commercial fishing harbours as historic, cultural and economic assets for the people of the North Coast


PEHA is responsible for ongoing management, operation and maintenance of Porpoise Harbour Marina Complex, Rushbrook, Cowbay and Fairview Harbours.  Ensuring safe accessible service for harbour fishers and other users, with the overall goal of enhancing harbour facilities, operations and economic development.


The Port Edward Harbour Authority’s vision is to drive a new era of development; reviving our harbours to reach their full potential by collaborating with all community partners to create harbours that contribute to the success of the commercial fishing way of life.